Mexico uses X-ray scanners to track people crossing into the United States

Large X-ray scanners are installed at the border by Mexico to detect migrants hiding in secret compartments on trucks to enter the United States.

“Our strategic goal is to stop the tricks of human trafficking criminals,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told a news conference on July 8, saying officials in the country had stepped up measures. security at the border to prevent people from illegally crossing into the US, including installing large X-ray scanners.

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“Our strategic goal is to stop the tricks of human trafficking criminals,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told a news conference on July 8, saying officials in the country had stepped up measures. security at the border to prevent people from illegally crossing into the US, including installing large X-ray scanners.

These large X-ray scanners help the authorities immediately detect people lying or sitting in hidden boxes or two-compartments on trucks across the border.

Ebrard said over the past two days, Mexican border forces have arrested more than 200 migrants hiding in the secret compartment of the cargo truck, of which dozens were detected by X-ray scanners. The same day, 228 other migrants were also discovered during a search in the southern state of Chiapas.

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These security measures were implemented weeks after Francisco Garduno, the former head of the Mexican prison system, was appointed head of the Mexican National Immigration Institute. In the first week of Garduno’s inauguration, INM found 800 migrants hiding in four cargo trucks in Veracruz state, eastern Mexico.

The latest efforts to stem the flow of refugees from Central America have been made by the Mexican government under a June 7 agreement with the United States. Under this agreement, US President Donald Trump will not impose tariffs on Mexican goods as threatened, in exchange for a commitment to reduce the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The federal government represents the United States of Mexico and is divided into three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, established by the Mexican Constitution of the Constitution, published in 1917. The state must also establish a government based on a congressional system established according to the respective state regulations.

The US and Mexico have reached an agreement on the issue of migrants

On June 7 (US time), US President Donald Trump said he suspended indefinitely plans to impose additional taxes on Mexican goods after the two sides reached an agreement on immigration. .

On Twitter, Mr. Trump wrote: “I am pleased to inform you that the United States has reached an agreement signed with Mexico. The proposed tariff imposition by the US on June 10, targeting Mexico, Therefore, suspended indefinitely.

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For its part, Mexico agreed to take tough measures to stop the flow of migrants through Mexico, and to our southern border. This agreement was completed to largely limit, or stop, illegal migration from Mexico to the United States.”

Earlier that same day, the United States and Mexico resumed negotiations on the issue of migrants, in the context that the two sides are getting closer to the trade war that could negatively affect the two economies.

On May 30, President Trump announced that from June 10, the United States would impose a 5 percent tax on imports from Mexico, and this tax rate will increase to 25 percent in October if Mexico does not issue. strong measures to prevent the flow of immigrants to the US.

On July 21, 2019, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Mexican counterpart Marcelo Ebrard met to discuss the issue of migrants and trade, with only one day to the deadline. The lifting agreement threatens US tariffs on Mexican exports.

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At the meeting, the US Secretary of State acknowledged Mexico’s significant progress in stopping the flow of immigrants into the United States, as part of a bilateral deal reached in June in exchange for Washington’s failure to impose retaliatory duties on Mexico.

A few days ago, the United States and Mexico reached an agreement on the issue of migrants. Under the agreement, Mexico will deploy the National Guard to the southern border area bordering Guatemala to stop the flow of Central American migrants, as well as to receive migrants seeking asylum into the United States. In addition, Mexico will also launch a program to create jobs and protect human rights for migrants while waiting for the approval of asylum applications in the United States.

Beautiful beaches in Mexico

When it comes to Mexico, many people will think of golden sands, jade waters and lush palm trees. However, there are hundreds of beaches just deserted with a few canopies and huts, others are crowded urban beaches. Most of the best beaches are located on the Pacific or Caribbean coast.

Come to Mexico to discover life on unique Pacific and Caribbean beaches!

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Playa del Carmen is the hottest town on the Yucatán Peninsula. The sand in Playa is not as perfect as other places in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Mexico, the sea is not too clear, but this is an attractive destination for beautiful girls with sun-colored skin, blond hair, sunbathing on the beach.

The lush green coconut palms, beautiful white sand will delight visitors to Playa del Carmen.

If the crowd is not your favorite option, head north to Calle 38, where skinny fisherman hands serve you in the shade. If you crave to explore the seafloor, it is also ready to provide scuba diving services for you.

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Gentle beaches, coastal wildlife, and traditional culture in Puerto with fishing ports and town markets, will captivate anyone who loves peaceful life. Here, you also have the opportunity to delight in surfing the sea.

Playa Zicatella attracts surfers, while the quiet beaches of Bahía Principal and Bahía Puerto Angelito are great destinations to catch the sun with their loved ones. Even food and accommodation here will satisfy the most demanding guests.

This beach is located in Todos Santos, which has the best waves like Baja California – strong but suitable for those who are new to surfing. Here, you can also walk under the sunset and watch the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean. Sea animals will also delight you. These are the sea turtles that lay eggs, eagles surf on the waves, all will make you flutter when coming here. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore Los Cerritos before this pristine beach disappears.

Vertical garden on high-speed posts in Mexico

By applying high technology, Mexico has turned the high-rise pillars into modern vertical gardens. This is part of the Via Verde Project (which means green city) – an initiative to combat environmental pollution, beautify the city and reduce stress for drivers.

Like other densely populated capitals in the world, Mexico City is a city with heavy traffic. It is estimated that it takes 230 hours a year on the road due to traffic congestion. From this situation, the project of vertical gardens was created to ease the tension during traffic jam, and bring more fresh air.

Via Verde is a Mexican project aimed at pillars in this two-storey highway system in order to make them a living place for green plants. This idea belongs to architect Fernand Ortiz Monasterio and the company specializing in vertical gardening Verde Vertical. The project has covered more than 1,000 highway pillars with an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters.

Due to its large population, from 2006 to 2009, the curving highway of Anillo Periférico – the symbol of Mexico City – has extended the elevated road above most of the original routes. At the same time with the widening of the expressway, a series of cement pillars grow up dull and dull in the heart of the city.


Therefore, more than 80,000 drivers in this city signed a petition expressing that they felt uncomfortable because the appearance of these pillars had lost the city landscape, and they wanted to change. . The petition was reviewed by the government and Via Verde was born.

The Via Verde project’s small vertical gardens use sensor-mounted frames and irrigation systems. The whole system uses automatic technology, remote control and only uses treated rainwater.

So Via Verde doesn’t waste fresh water. The selected trees grown in this project are all plants with good vitality in dusty environments, and have good air cleaning properties.

Mexico is not the only city in the world to implement the idea of ​​creating vertical gardens in urban areas. Some other populous cities like Lodon, São Paulo and Beirut are also moving with similar projects, following the prevailing “smart city” trend. Not only that, China is also planning to build a “forest city”.

Impressive Mexican country deposited

Mexico has its name originating from the ancient capital of Mexica, the Aztec civilization in history. According to the Mendoza script is a book about the history of the Aztecs and today appears on Mexico’s flag and national emblem, there is a god who shows the people of this tribe the place to build the capital at the place.

There was an eagle carrying in a snake’s mouth and parked down on the cactus branch in a location near Lake Texcoco. Here, the Aztecs built a large city, which is the historic center of present-day Mexico City, a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO in 1987.

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The topography of Mexico is mostly hilly and the climate system is too diverse, so the investment in intensive farming in large scale in Mexico is much more difficult than the United States, Canada and South America. Realizing my hometown to travel across the planet, a multi-ethnic country like Mexico has a very diverse cuisine.

Mexico also has Latin America’s largest music market and exports music throughout Central America, South America, Europe (especially Spain) and many countries around the world.

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Mexico is currently the 11th largest economy in the world and has a high average income per capita. Mexico’s economy has a close relationship with Canada and the United States thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico is a member of many other international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization and plays an important role in Latin America, the only Latin American country within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development sacrifice.

Mexico’s main problem is the gap between rich and poor, high poverty, income inequality, widespread violence and drug trafficking in many regions, the crisis in diplomatic relations between Mexico. with countries participating in the exploitation of natural resources here, the migration is very high from Mexico to the US because of a big difference in life.

US-Mexico foreign trade relations have been agreed

NPR Radio (USA) re-introduces President Trump’s announcement to the 7-6 hours US Twitter account, saying that the US and Mexico have reached a signed agreement to help avoid the application of new taxes with Mexican goods that are expected to start executing from June 10.

According to Mr. Trump, in part of this agreement, Mexican officials agreed to apply strong measures to prevent the wave of migrants, Mr. Trump wrote. US President Donald Trump postponed the imposition of additional tariffs on Mexican goods after saying the two countries had reached an agreement on this issue.

According to the content of a joint agreement issued by the US State Department on June 7 on the agency’s website, Mexico will support the US in preventing border crossing at the border of the two countries by mobilizing more Military personnel of the National Guards are on duty in the whole territory, especially in border areas.

‘Thương chiến’ Mỹ - Mexico đã được thỏa thuận - Ảnh 1.

The agreement also said Mexican authorities would cooperate in dismantling illegal cross-border activities into US territory. For their part, the US pledged to quickly repatriate asylum seekers in the US for Mexico while they waited for the US government’s response to their requests. Mexico agreed to accept these people and provide jobs, health and education.

Earlier on May 30, President Trump announced that he would impose a 5% additional tax on all goods imported from Mexico from June 10 if Mexico did not take any action to prevent the influx of immigrants from Central America. America.

After that, Mr. Trump announced that the tax increase would increase by 5% each month until it reached 25% in October this year, since Washington felt satisfied with its neighbors’ efforts to prevent migrants.

Scout Gaming launches virtual sports products in Mexico with Logrand

The leading virtual betting and sports provider, B2B, Scout Gaming, has just agreed to a trade deal. Accordingly, the Mexican gaming and entertainment group, Logrand Entertainment Group, will be granted full access to the entire Norwegian sports virtual platform.

According to the official press release, this strategic agreement is key to Scout Gaming, when the Mexican market is similar to the neighboring markets, the US and the American market Lating wider.

Before the upcoming launch, Norwegian-based suppliers will complement the sport and a few new tournaments in addition to what the company currently offers. According to the press release, Fantasy Sports will be released by Logrand’s online brand Strandus and is expected to take place at the latest in the first half of this year.

Nhà cung cấp cá cược và thể thao ảo hàng ngày B2B hàng đầu, Scout Gaming, vừa đồng ý một thỏa thuận thương mại, theo đó, tập đoàn giải trí và trò chơi Mexico, Logrand Entertainment Group, sẽ được cấp quyền truy cập hoàn toàn vào toàn bộ nền tảng thể thao ảo của công ty Na Uy này. Theo thông cáo báo chí chính thức, thỏa thuận chiến lược này là chủ chốt đối với Scout Gaming, khi thị trường Mexico tương tự như thị trường láng giềng, Mỹ và thị trường Châu Mỹ Lating rộng lớn hơn. Trước khi ra mắt sắp tới, nhà cung cấp có trụ sở tại Na Uy sẽ bổ sung các môn thể thao và một vài giải đấu mới thêm vào những gì công ty hiện đang cung cấp. Dự kiến ra mắt trước Quý 2: Theo thông cáo báo chí, Fantasy Sports sẽ được ra mắt bởi thương hiệu trực tuyến Strandus của Logrand và dự kiến sẽ diễn ra vào muộn nhất trong nửa đầu năm nay. Nhận xét về mối quan hệ đối tác mới, Giám đốc điều hành của Scout Gaming, Andreas Ternström nói: “Chúng tôi rất hài lòng với thỏa thuận này, giúp chúng tôi gia nhập vào thị trường Mexico. Chúng tôi thấy tiềm năng lớn trong khu vực và tự hào được Logrand, một trong những thương hiệu hàng đầu của Mexico lựa chọn. Tham vọng xây dựng việc cung cấp các sản phẩm hàng đầu phù hợp với tham vọng của chúng tôi. Thỏa thuận này cũng củng cố thêm vị trí của Scout Gaming, là nhà cung cấp B2B hàng đầu toàn cầu trong lĩnh vực thể thao ảo.” Giám đốc vận hành trực tuyến của Logrand Entertainment Group, Lenin Castillo đã giải thích tầm quan trọng của bản thỏa thuận mới này: “Liên minh mà chúng tôi thành lập cùng với Scout Gaming Group để cung cấp sản phẩm Thể thảo, tăng cường cam kết cung cấp cho khách hàng dịch vụ chất lượng và nền tảng giải trí trực tuyến đa dạng cấp cao của chúng tôi - chúng tôi chắc chắn sẽ thấy số lượng người dùng mở rộng và với sự hợp tác này sẽ củng cố vị trí hàng đầu của chúng tôi trong ngành.”

Commenting on the new partnership, Scout Gaming CEO Andreas Ternström said: “We are very pleased with this agreement, helping us to join the Mexican market. We see great potential in the region and are proud to be Logrand, one of Mexico’s leading brands of choice. The ambition to build the supply of top products in line with our ambitions. The agreement also reinforces the position of Scout Gaming, a leading global B2B provider in the field of virtual sports.”

Logrand Entertainment Group’s online operations manager, Lenin Castillo, explained the importance of this new agreement: “The alliance we formed with the Scout Gaming Group to provide Herbal products, enhance oranges providing our customers with quality services and our highly diversified online entertainment platform – we will definitely see the number of users expanding and with this cooperation will reinforce the top position. in our industry. ”

According to the press release, Fantasy Sports will be released by Logrand’s online brand Strandus and is expected to take place at the latest in the first half of the year.

Merkel was shaken at the flag ceremony with the Ukrainian president

RT news agency described the trembling German prime minister clearly and seemed to stand unsteadily when the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the flag salute ceremony of the two countries.

However, the veteran German statesman recovered quickly. The images later showed that Merkel left the reception with President Zelensky without the support of a companion, according to the Telegraph news.

Thu tuong Merkel run lay bay o le chao co voi tong thong Ukraine hinh anh 2

The weather of the German capital in the past weeks suffered from a sudden heat wave. The average temperature on June 18 exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. Merkel also experienced similar tremor symptoms during hot summer weather.

During a visit to Mexico, Merkel also had a similar health problem. The German prime minister’s office later confirmed that she was dehydrated due to hot weather.

In 2014, she postponed a TV interview because she felt unwell, but still had enough strength to continue the meeting after eating. In response to Focus Online, the German doctor Jakob Berger said Merkel was shaking all over her meeting with the Ukrainian president because her body was dehydrated.

“Berlin’s weather is very hot now. Besides, a politician like Angela Merkel must also have a stressful pace of living,” he said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mexico

Speaking at a press conference with the new Ukrainian president, Merkel said there were no worries about health. She said she felt much better after drinking at least 3 glasses of water.

President Zelensky also joked with reporters at the press conference that he would protect the famous German politician. “Please believe me. The prime minister is absolutely safe,” he said.

Museum of Mexican National Anthropology where architecture honors the history of the Mayan cultural tradition

National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City – is Mexico’s largest museum. For many consecutive years, the museum has always been on the list of the world’s top museum rankings. In 2016, the museum was ranked 5th on Trip Advisor’s list because of its popularity with archaeological and anthropological artifacts dating back to the pre-Columbian era of Mexico.

The museum’s collection Includes: Stone sun and a room dedicated to the Mayan culture. This is one of the richest archaeological museums in Latin America when it owns all of the ancient art and cultural ruins throughout Mexico.

Visitors may take days or even weeks to wander the 36,000m2 of the museum. Besides, with a modern architectural solution that harmonizes well with traditional elements, it is assessed that this is the place where architecture honors the history of the Mayan cultural tradition of Mexico.

In 2009, the Mexican Government planned to invest 163 million pesos (about 13 million USD) to upgrade the infrastructure at the museum and archaeological sites. At the same time, the Mexican National Commission for Culture and Arts also said that the committee will use 12 million pesos (about $ 1 million) to modernize the National Museum of History and Anthropology.

The whole building building is designed as a large memorial, including galleries surrounding a courtyard and a large 79,700m2 pond equivalent to nearly 8ha. There are a total of 23 galleries and a number of outdoor galleries with galleries around the yard.

The traditionally American design allows the rooms to be surrounded by large gardens and many of them are garden statues with outdoor exhibits. This courtyard is inspired by the architecture of the Nunnery building in Uxmal. Swimming pool in the courtyard outside the area with lotus flowers.

Besides being a unique shaped metal statue structure covered a sundial trumpets through the hours. Planning the design of gardens creates valuable buffer spaces, creating a natural landscape close to the surrounding nature.

The foyer space has a square structure made of white marble from Santo Tomás, Puebla – a reminder of the use of common stone in monumental buildings of pre-Spanish cultures of Mexico. Large window designs are the main solution for natural light to illuminate each gallery space.

President Bach awarded the Olympic Cup to the Olympic City World Alliance

The award was presented at the 5th Summit of Smart and Sports Cities held in Lausanne, Mexico.

The City World Alliance was created by the cities of Athens and Lausanne with the mission to ensure and promote the sustainable legacy of the Olympics through inter-city dialogues that have been and will be posted. quit the Olympics. Currently the Union has 40 cities as members.

President Bach spoke at the award of the President of the World Cities Alliance and also the Mayor of Lausanne Gregoire Junod that the World Alliance has maintained the Olympic flame. Burning all over the world through Connecting cities has and will host the Olympics.

President Bach spoke at the award of the President of the World Cities Alliance and also the Mayor of Lausanne Gregoire Junod that the World Alliance has maintained the Olympic flame. Burning all over the world through Connecting cities has and will host the Olympics.

Through this move, the World Alliance played a necessary role to ensure the long-term legacy of the Olympics. The Alliance has pointed out tools including dialogue to support Olympic cities in preserving and promoting their precious legacy.

The President of the Olympic City World Alliance Junod also expressed his pride in receiving the award and said that the goal of the Alliance is to support Olympic cities in the sustainable management of their heritage, thereby making the Olympics have a long-term positive impact. The goal of the Alliance is also to promote Olympic values ​​and use sports as a tool for the development of host cities.

President Junod also thanked for the recognition of the International Committee of Olymipc and President Thomas Bach for the contributions of the Union, to be proud to be part of the Olympic Olympic agenda of the Olympic Committee. Internationally, contributing to the development of the Olympic movement.

President Bach emphasized the close association of the World Alliance with the Olympic Agenda 2020 – the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement – aimed at making the Olympics organized economically. More, easier and more sustainable.

These reforms have brought a whole new approach to the campaign through the city’s nominee heritage. Which emphasizes the importance of combining heritage planning and preparation for the Olympics in the overall plan.