The Best Bars in Mexico City

If you are interested in drinking while visiting Mexico City, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a comprehensive selection of bars scattered around the city. You can easily sling back a few tequilas at one destination and enjoy a variety of delicious cocktails at the next. There’s no better place to get acquainted with pulque, mezcal, and tequila than Mexico City and out list provides the best bars to enjoy a truly memorable experience.

1. King Cole Bar

Situated within the St. Regis hotel, the King Cole Bar is located on the top floor on the hotel with a luxurious view of Reforma Avenue. The entire place is sophisticated and modern and comes equipped with a remarkable range of cocktails to sip on while enjoying the view. The Bloody Mary is one of the most delicious drinks on the menu, while the beer and wine collection is also extremely comprehensive.

2. Hanky Panky

Situated in Colonia Juarez, the owners of this renowned cocktail bar request that customers keep the location an absolute secret at all times. After you enter the brightly painted restaurant, make your way towards the kitchen and enter the secret passageway where one of the employees will greet while and open a false wall. The space is outstanding with luxurious leather chairs situated against a modern marble bar. You will also find low-lit private rooms and booths.

3. Bosforo

Bosforo leads the pack when it comes to mezcal bars in Mexico City. The bar sources from San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Guerrero, Michoacán, Oaxaca, and several other regions and manages to produce things that no one else is even considering. You’ll find loads of affordable snacks and mezcal here, but if you are looking for delicious food, you won’t find it in this bar. Fortunately, there’s a restaurant’s situated next door where you can look forward to a wide range of delicious plates of classical Mexican food.

4. Loup Bar

From Joaquin Cardoso and Gaetan Rousset, Loup Bar is the latest wine-focused spot that places just as much focus on their food selection. Rousset is a world-class wine importer that focuses on rustic and young wines from Spain and France, while Cardoso is a sensational young talent that spent time in European restaurants where you can look forward to a variety of rich foods, such as lamb with polenta.

5. Felina Bar

Situated far away from the Condesa party zone is the secretive Felina Bar. The bar is located in a corner apartment building and has received loads of renovations over the years to make it more refined. Some staff members are more educated than others when it comes to mixing drinks, so hopefully, you visit the place when a great bartender is serving drinks where you’ll be spoiled by the perfect Manhattans.

6. La Opera

La Opera bar is the perfect destination if you’re in the mood for tequila or sangria. This is not considered a cocktail lounge, but if you are interested in other drinks, the bartender can make tequila sodas and rum and cokes.

Things To Do In Mexico At Night

When you think about the nightlife in Mexico, vacation hotspots like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun instantly spring to mind. You’ll rarely connect Mexico City with the word “party”, but locals in Mexico City, known as “Chilangos” are well aware that you don’t need to visit a beach town to have a fantastic time. If you interested in going out and enjoying an entertaining evening in Mexico City, consider one of these marvellous destinations.

1. Mama Rumba

Aspiring salsa dancers and live music lovers will find that Mama Rumba is the perfect destination in Mexico City to enjoy a wide selection of Latin music while burning up the dancefloor with salsa dance moves. This is the ideal destination for both locals and tourists who are searching for a place where they can enjoy music until the early hours of the morning. Mama Rumba usually stays open until , and if you don’t know how to salsa, the locals will be more than happy to teach you.

2. The Rooftop of Condesa D.F

Do you fancy some drinks on a rooftop in Mexico City? Then you’ll instantly fall in love with the all-white rooftop destination where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks while capturing some mesmerising views over the city. Although it’s not considered a place where you can party all night, it does provide the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening with a few drinks.

3. Republica Del Distrito Club Polanco

Situated in the most posh neighbourhood in the city, Polanco, this is the perfect club to let loose after a long day of site seeing. The place is always bustling with trendy Mexican elite where you’ll need to dress to impress when you in the mood for a party. From EDM to deep house, this is the place to be when you in the mood to dance the night away.

4. Love in Polanco

Do you usually start the party on a Friday night? Well, you’ll need to shift your party evenings as this famous club in Polanco allows you to start the party on a Wednesday evening where you’ll be able to enjoy upbeat, fast-paced energy as you dance to the latest music in a truly vibrant venue until 4 am in the morning. Apart from dancing, you can also indulge in some of the most delicious cocktails in Mexico City while flaunting a nice outfit.

5. Palacio de Bellas Artes

If you’re looking for an all night party destination, you’ll need to avoid going to Palacio de Bellas Artes. However, if you searching for an after party destination that is completely separate from the party scene, this is the ideal place to visit. This gorgeous museum regularly hosts evening events, including galas, ballets, and even a few night time tours.

6. Jules Basement

This is the perfect place if you are on the hunt for a bad experience. The ambient lighting and sleek lounge provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a couple of rounds with your friends. This is without a doubt one of the best bars in Mexico City with a classy vibe and an arsenal of killer cocktails.

Most Interesting Facts About the Aztec Culture

Taking a trip to the Teotihuacan ruins is exciting as it reveals interesting details about the Aztec culture and how they used to live. Whether you’re planning a trip to the ruins in Mexico or simply want to find out more about the Aztec people, here are some of the most interesting facts about the culture.

The Name Aztec

Interestingly, the name “Aztec” was actually brought in by Europeans and wasn’t the original name for the culture. Since they originated in Mexico, they referred to themselves as the “Mexica”.


On your trip to the Teotihuacan, you’re sure to learn that the Mexica used to bury the dead. Instead, of specific grounds as we have today, these graves used to be located below the house of the deceased. Furthermore, if the deceased has a dog, the other members of the Mexica would kill the dog and busy them together. It’s believed that the dog would guide its owner in the afterlife.

Selling Themselves

The Mexica used to sell either themselves or their children into slavery in efforts to settle their debts. However, slaves had the opportunity to gain back their freedom but had to work for it and meet the requirements.


Many wonder why the Aztecs decided on Mexico so many years ago, but when we look at Aztec legend, we discover that the people saw an eagle eating a snake and indicating that the spot should be where their homes are. This vision was given to the Aztecs way back in 1323 and has now turned into the Teotihuacan.


The Aztec people were the first to make school attendance mandatory for all children. Even those who were sold into slavery were required to attend school. The schools told the boys about the Aztec history, the culture, war, word skills, region and more while girls were most taught about marriage and their requirements as partners.

Two Calendars

The Aztec culture worked with two calendars to provide them with both time and special events within the culture. One of these calendars represented time, allowing them to keep track the days while the other was purely created to inform everyone.

Aztec Gods

As with Greek and Roman mythology, the Aztec culture also has various gods. These might not be as well-known known as the other godly cultures but includes interesting facts that reveal more details about the culture and their believes. There were gods for just about each aspect of the culture, including:

• Chantico – The goddess of health
• Tloque Nahuaque – The god of everyone and everything
• Chicomecoatl – The maize goddess
• Tezcatlipoca – The god of magic, war and death
• Chalchiuhtlicue – Goddess of streams and lakes
• Quetzalcoatl – The god of knowledge, priesthood, wind and creation
• Coatlicue – The life’s pain goddess
• Mictlantecuhtl – The god of the dead
• Huehuetectim – The god of fire
• Huitzilopochtli – The god of the sun, the nation and war

Teotihuacan Place of Power and Peace

The ancient site, Teotihuacan stands only a few miles northeast of Mexico City, it’s the largest city remaining of the pre-Columbian times. Divided concerns exist between orthodox archaeologists concerning the sites date, some are positive that it flourished between 1500 to 1000 BC, others believe it was between 100 BV and 700 AD. There has been a major increased in the number of scholars studying the archaeology, anthropology and mythology of the Valley of Mexico suggesting that Teotihuacan could be a lot older than what was assumed earlier, it might even be part of the archaic planet-spanning geography part of the mysterious lost civilization.

The Original Remain and Intriguing Matter as it is Unknown

Currently named, Teotihuacan meaning the place of the gods, is a title given by the Aztecs many years before its abandonment and decline. What has been equally mystified about the ruins filled with legend and mystic is the Mesoamericans before the time of the Aztecs, Toltecs, Zapotecs and the Mayans. The Teotihuacan’s most striking visual remains the towering pyramid, a manmade mountain, visually from the top the pyramid is massive its based equally on the size of Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Many pyramids are placed on either side, all structures are small parts of it. On estimation over 200,000 people, in ancient times lived in Teotihuacan, their dwelling built from wood.

Fascinating Mysteries

One of the most interesting and fascinating mysteries is the one-foot thick massive sheet of granulated mica that covered the top level, till very recently it protected the pyramid from the sun. It was sold for a profit after removed by an unscrupulous restorer and afterwards it was transported to South America. Scientists suggested that the highly efficient conductor of energy could be part of the long wavelength of radiations, celestial.

Graham Hancock – The Fingerprints of the Gods

It was discussed by Graham Hancock that the archaeological anomalies could be structures within the city, that it could also be similar to those found in the Great Pyramid, Baalbek in Lebanon or at the Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. Teotihuacan became an enormous sacred place due to the growth of its population which ensured the culture’s development.

Robert Bauval revealed in his additional notes that the city was constructed and planned on a cardinal grid placed on two axes. The T east is solar orientated, and astronomy played a major part. The origin is based on the passage of the sun at zenith, while the T-north is each accurately aligned between the pecked crosses and on the hill of the west the horizon aligns with the town’s centre. It is these alignment points that set the setting around 1 to 4 AD and would the asterism had heliacal rising on the day of the passage of the zenith sun, it would culmination near zenith.

How To Enjoy Mexico On a Budget

Mexico has an excellent reputation of being one of the cheapest destinations in the world, but how affordable is Mexico these days? It’s for this reason that we decided to break down the amount of money you’ll need, and more importantly, how you can save loads of money while visiting the country.

Setting Up A Budget

Calculating how much money you’ll need for Mexico on a budget will greatly depend on where you would like to go. A location that is non-urban will be far cheaper for several reasons. For example, buying locally made sovereigns will be much cheaper as opposed to buying it in the city.

Most resort destinations can be rather expensive, although lesser known beach locations, such as Tulum, can be much cheaper for your budget instead of Acapulco which is far more famous. If you consider yourself to be a budget traveller, you will be pleased to know that a vacation to Mexico can be rather cheap. If you mostly stay in hotels, travel with public transport, and eat street food throughout the day, along with a tour once a week, your daily expenses will be around $25.

If you consider yourself to be a luxury traveller, there’s no limit to the amount of money you can spend in Mexico. Upmarket restaurants, multiple guided tours, and domestic flights can range between $200 and $600 a day.

Eating Cheap

If you are someone that enjoys McDonald’s and Coke while staying in the U.S, you can expect to pay the same while visiting Mexico. However, if you decide to eat street food and local produce, you’ll be quite surprised with how much money you can actually save. There are several grocery stores in Mexico, both in large cities and in smaller villages. Fruit that are locally grown are rather cheap in Mexico and street food is just as cheap.

Save With Public Transport

Transportation in-country is quite cheap, that’s if you decide to use local buses. You simply need to stand on the side of the street and raise your hand to get a bus, and it’s quite cheap and save. Should you be in a rural area, its best to ask those around you for the best way to travel on the road as buses can take hours or even days to arrive in a rural location.

Budget Accommodation

The best way to save loads of money while travelling to Mexico is through accommodation. You are more than welcome to set up camp on numerous beaches, absolutely free. However, please ensure you ask the locals before unpacking your tent. There’s also a wide range of cheap hotels in most cities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to stay there for a night, and most of them will even include breakfast.


When it comes to alcohol, you are still going to pay a pretty penny to enjoy your favourite drinks. So please make sure you get the prize before starting a tab that you’ll later regret.

Travelling to Mexico

If you are planning a trip to a truly magnificent destination the obvious choice should be Mexico. It is a truly diverse country that offers everything a dream holiday should from gorgeous beaches, pulsating nightlife to a lush cultural scene. The most marvellous places in Mexico that are ideal for cheap tequila and getting some shade under your big sombrero hat is Playa del Carmen, Isla Cozumel, Acapulco, Los Cabos and Akumal.

The best and most incredible place for scuba diving in Cozumel island a destination that offer crystal clear waters, rare natural beauty and a vast marine life. The main draws are snorkelling, and diving and the tourist area offers deserted beaches, stunning scenery, and there is no doubt that after a few hours in the sun you’ll feel utterly relaxed.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

The reason the scuba diving and snorkelling is nothing less than incredible is that Cozumel lies near one of the largest coral reefs. Exceptionally clear waters enabling divers to enjoy tropical fish and view a vast collection of coral heads. Getting to Cozumel is much easier than most think and to ensure you are in the right frame of mind to take in all its beauty, Cozumel is a cruise ship hotspot. It is the one stop included in most cruise line itineraries and passengers have a variety of choices, which includes diving, snorkelling or tons of shopping, ended with some tequila tasting.

Most of the merchants in Cozumel are happy to accept U.S. dollars from tourists, although change is in pesos and English is a language widely spoken. The cruise port shopping offers several boutiques, while stunning jewellery is available at Diamonds International. The largest fixed price store is Viva Mexico while the most economical liquor and smoke shop, is Covi, offering an extensive collection of beer, tequilas and champagnes. A wide variety of souvenir shops provide tourists with everything from clothing, handmade bags, and other unique items, perfect as gifts for loved ones at home or simply to remember this incredible island.

The biggest sellers in Cozumel are corny T-shirts and massive sombreros and when it comes to tasty treats Mayan Cocoa Company chocolates and organic vanilla should be high on any visitors shopping list. If you do have space in your suitcase the Talavera pottery is simply stunning, and the multicolours will bring new brightness to any room in your home. There is no bargaining with the locals who sell their merchandise to loads of tourist as several chips dock for at least a day or 6 hours in the harbour of Mexico’s most popular destination, Cozumel.

Cozumel like several other islands has a hurricane season from August to November and the ideal time to visit this extremely lovely island is April to May when the humidity is low, and the days are sunny. June and July are Cozumel’s rainy months.

Choosing a Safe Mexican Resort

Mexico is a popular tourist destination for Canadians, Americans and countless other countries in search of the warm tropics and unique Mexican culture. While odds are good that a trip to Mexico will be a safe one, more people are growing concerned with the increased violence. As such, we thought a few tips are in order to help those planning their vacation to Mexico to be as safe as possible.

1. Transportation

Transportation in Mexico can be a little tricky and pose a number of risks to your security. First and foremost, flagging down a cab on the street should be avoided at all costs. The odds are higher that you will be taken advantage of and could be put in a situation where blackmail takes place. Only accept rides from those taxis that operate with large hotels or restaurants.

2. ATM Withdrawals

If making a withdrawal at an ATM, only do so if at the resort you are staying at, or at a national bank. Avoid withdrawing at night, and keep a limited amount of cash on hand to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

3. Drive-Through ATM’s

Under no circumstances should you use a drive-through ATM while in Mexico. Only use those that are in well-lit areas and located in an area that affords safety.

4. Never Discuss Travel Itinerary

As a rule, you should never speak about your travel plans while in public, and that includes the report unless booking an excursion. As an added level of safety, do not mention your room number, or flight information as this could be shared with those who are looking to commit crimes against tourists.

5. Limit Information when Booking Your Hotel

When registering at a hotel, do not give your full name but instead use an initial, or book using “Mr and Mrs. This is especially wise if you are a woman and travelling alone.

6. Check Hotel Safe

Many hotel safes set the code to 0000. This is never a wise choice and many thieves know this. Therefore before using the safe, check the code and change it to one that is uncommon.

7. Always Bolt Hotel Door

Whenever in your hotel room, whether relaxing, sleeping or taking a shower, make sure your room door is locked and bolted. Check the bolt to make sure it is in working condition and secures the room properly.

8. Travel with Small Flashlight

When travelling it is always a good idea to travel with a flashlight. This is even more important when in Mexico due to the grid not being as maintained as those in Canada or America. In the event the power goes out, you can then use the flashlight to locate the telephone and call the hotel front desk.

9. Do Not Party With the Locals

This can be a very dangerous practise. While it is nice to interact with locals, in Mexico, that can get you killed. Never go to bars or other local establishments with anyone you recently met as an added level of caution.

10. Lock Patio Door

Always ensure that the patio door to your hotel room is locked. This includes while bathing, sleeping or out of the room for social activities.

Best 5 Beaches in Mexico

It is hard to pick only five beaches as those that are the best in Mexico considering there are so many beautiful ones on the 9,330 kilometres of coastline. Still, here are five of the best beaches in Mexico.


There is a reason Cancun is so popular with tourists, as it is not only the most beautiful beach in Mexico but one of the most beautiful ones in the world. Again, it is a tourist hot spot, but besides the beach activities, the nightlife at the beach is top-notch as well. One of the nice things about Cancun is not far from it are a couple of great attractions in the ruins of Chichen Itza and Isla Mujeres, which is only 13 miles off the coast.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a busy town that is a little like Cancun just a little trendier and only an hour away by car. There are gorgeous views of the bright blue Caribbean Sea and no lack of natural beauty as well as beach activities. There are many nightclubs and bars on the beachside it is, definitely, one of the best beaches in the world when it comes to people watching since it is popular with a wide variety of tourists.


Tulum is an hour south of Playa Del Carmen, and the colours are fantastic. With the white sand beach hitting the bright and vibrant blue sea with the green jungle in the background. There are many very interesting archaeological sites in the area and even a place where you can swim along with some Mayan ruins. There are many cool cafes and bars for all types of people, and the scenery and colours just cannot be missed. Not far inland from Tulum, there are also many inland cenotes, which are swimming holes with crystal clear water.

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is located on the west coast of Mexico with long beaches looking over the vast Pacific Ocean. The ocean sees its fair share of waves and is one of the reasons the beach is a popular one for surfers as well as backpackers. If you like to chill and eat wonderful, fresh seafood, then Puerto Escondido is for you with all the cafes and shacks they have selling seafood right out of the water.


Mazunte is located an hour to the south of Puerto Escondido, and it is a very charming and quaint town with some gorgeous beaches. This area has some of the longest and most beautiful stretches of coastline in Mexico. There are hammocks strewn all around the beach, which go hand in hand with the laid-back beach lifestyle of the community. There are many cafes and bars and not surprisingly great seafood in the area. Between the Playa Mazunte and Playa Mermejita is the Punta Cometa lookout where you can see some great wildlife such as turtles, blue whales, and dolphins.

Top 5 Mexican Vacation Spots

It’s an understatement that Mexico has become a major hub for tourists internationally. Many of the focal points are centered around some of the most stunning beach resorts that are based along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. An interesting fact that some of Mexico’s most known tourist spots started off as small towns that grew in popularity as more and more visitors began to discover the natural beauty while others were just created as resorts due to the location. Each one of these popular vacation spots in Mexico is known for their soft and clean beaches and their crystal-like water, along with the multitude of tourist attractions and extremities that are always busy.
Listed below are our top 5 vacation spots that you should consider visiting when planning your next trip to Mexico.

1. The Town of Tulum

This tourist hotspot has gained popularity for its two main attractions: the white sand beaches with crystal-like blue water and the near perfect ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. This lovely location is located on the stunning Yucatan Peninsula. Historically, Tulum was one of the last cities to be built by the ancient Mayans and it doubles as being one of the best-preserved sites of Mayan history that visitors can walk through and get an official tour of. While visiting the ruins, people can get one of the most amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. Those who are staying in Tulum can enjoy the perfect beaches and includes in water activities such as snorkeling and surfing.

2. Attraction filled Cozumel

This smaller island is in the Caribbean Sea and inside of the Yucatan Peninsula. Due to its unique location of being in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the 30-mile island of Cozumel has become a hot spot for tourists in the western hemisphere. An array of dive shops, beaches, and water-related attractions are prevalent on this stunning island of greenery. Cozumel also doubles as one of the most visited spots for cruise ships that allow visitors to be greeted by an array of friendly vendors selling homemade items that captures the feel of Mexico and the island itself.

3. Water-Friendly Puerto Escondido

This tourist hotspot is located on the Bahia Bay. It is extremely popular with water sports lovers who enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and surfing – along with people who just enjoy spending the day at the beach, such as the scenic and popular Playa Zicatela. One of the main links this town has to its history of fishing is found in the name, which when translated means hidden port. Along with fishing, the city is known for its larger marketplace, the Mercado Bento Juarez, which is quite popular to shop and walk around early in the mornings. An interesting fact about this location is that it is divided into two halves: the upper which is where the locals live and carry out their daily activities, and the lower half which is known to be geared towards the tourists.

4. The Famous Cancun

Cancun is a commonly known tourist hotspot in Mexico that has gained fame worldwide. This destination is located on the Caribbean coast of The Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is known as providing one the best all-inclusive tourists packages that includes: beaches of white sand and clear water, a world-class array of hotels, some well preserved Mayan ruins that allows tours, modern attractions that can appeal to all ages, along with a lively nightlife full of clubs, fancy drinks, and parties. Cancun has been dubbed to have perfect summer weather year-round, while winter allowing the temperature to cool down just a bit, makes this destination perfect to visit no matter the season. One of the best spots to visit in Cancun is the lively downtown area, El Centro, which is reminiscent of a more authentic Mexican experience filled with family-owned restaurants, markets, clubs, and bars.

5. The Fish Filled Los Cabos

Los Cabos is known as the world capital for marlin sports fishing. Over the last few years, Los Cabos has gained popularity and is becoming one of the most visited vacation spots in Mexico in the current year. This lovely destination is in the popular Mexican state of Baja California Sur. What makes Los Cabos so popular is because it is composed of two towns: San Jose and San Lucas. While San Jose is regarded as the more traditions Mexican town that gives visitors a relaxing and quiet experience. While the other town San Lucas, which is divided from the other town by a twenty-mile beautiful highway known as the Corridor – is filled with high-quality luxury resorts, high-class restaurants, and a vibrant party scene. Despite the lively ambiance, San Lucas also features an array of natural attractions such as Land’s End, which has a stunning rock formation shaped by the water and wind.