Merkel was shaken at the flag ceremony with the Ukrainian president

RT news agency described the trembling German prime minister clearly and seemed to stand unsteadily when the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the flag salute ceremony of the two countries.

However, the veteran German statesman recovered quickly. The images later showed that Merkel left the reception with President Zelensky without the support of a companion, according to the Telegraph news.

Thu tuong Merkel run lay bay o le chao co voi tong thong Ukraine hinh anh 2

The weather of the German capital in the past weeks suffered from a sudden heat wave. The average temperature on June 18 exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. Merkel also experienced similar tremor symptoms during hot summer weather.

During a visit to Mexico, Merkel also had a similar health problem. The German prime minister’s office later confirmed that she was dehydrated due to hot weather.

In 2014, she postponed a TV interview because she felt unwell, but still had enough strength to continue the meeting after eating. In response to Focus Online, the German doctor Jakob Berger said Merkel was shaking all over her meeting with the Ukrainian president because her body was dehydrated.

“Berlin’s weather is very hot now. Besides, a politician like Angela Merkel must also have a stressful pace of living,” he said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mexico

Speaking at a press conference with the new Ukrainian president, Merkel said there were no worries about health. She said she felt much better after drinking at least 3 glasses of water.

President Zelensky also joked with reporters at the press conference that he would protect the famous German politician. “Please believe me. The prime minister is absolutely safe,” he said.

Museum of Mexican National Anthropology where architecture honors the history of the Mayan cultural tradition

National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City – is Mexico’s largest museum. For many consecutive years, the museum has always been on the list of the world’s top museum rankings. In 2016, the museum was ranked 5th on Trip Advisor’s list because of its popularity with archaeological and anthropological artifacts dating back to the pre-Columbian era of Mexico.

The museum’s collection Includes: Stone sun and a room dedicated to the Mayan culture. This is one of the richest archaeological museums in Latin America when it owns all of the ancient art and cultural ruins throughout Mexico.

Visitors may take days or even weeks to wander the 36,000m2 of the museum. Besides, with a modern architectural solution that harmonizes well with traditional elements, it is assessed that this is the place where architecture honors the history of the Mayan cultural tradition of Mexico.

In 2009, the Mexican Government planned to invest 163 million pesos (about 13 million USD) to upgrade the infrastructure at the museum and archaeological sites. At the same time, the Mexican National Commission for Culture and Arts also said that the committee will use 12 million pesos (about $ 1 million) to modernize the National Museum of History and Anthropology.

The whole building building is designed as a large memorial, including galleries surrounding a courtyard and a large 79,700m2 pond equivalent to nearly 8ha. There are a total of 23 galleries and a number of outdoor galleries with galleries around the yard.

The traditionally American design allows the rooms to be surrounded by large gardens and many of them are garden statues with outdoor exhibits. This courtyard is inspired by the architecture of the Nunnery building in Uxmal. Swimming pool in the courtyard outside the area with lotus flowers.

Besides being a unique shaped metal statue structure covered a sundial trumpets through the hours. Planning the design of gardens creates valuable buffer spaces, creating a natural landscape close to the surrounding nature.

The foyer space has a square structure made of white marble from Santo Tomás, Puebla – a reminder of the use of common stone in monumental buildings of pre-Spanish cultures of Mexico. Large window designs are the main solution for natural light to illuminate each gallery space.

President Bach awarded the Olympic Cup to the Olympic City World Alliance

The award was presented at the 5th Summit of Smart and Sports Cities held in Lausanne, Mexico.

The City World Alliance was created by the cities of Athens and Lausanne with the mission to ensure and promote the sustainable legacy of the Olympics through inter-city dialogues that have been and will be posted. quit the Olympics. Currently the Union has 40 cities as members.

President Bach spoke at the award of the President of the World Cities Alliance and also the Mayor of Lausanne Gregoire Junod that the World Alliance has maintained the Olympic flame. Burning all over the world through Connecting cities has and will host the Olympics.

President Bach spoke at the award of the President of the World Cities Alliance and also the Mayor of Lausanne Gregoire Junod that the World Alliance has maintained the Olympic flame. Burning all over the world through Connecting cities has and will host the Olympics.

Through this move, the World Alliance played a necessary role to ensure the long-term legacy of the Olympics. The Alliance has pointed out tools including dialogue to support Olympic cities in preserving and promoting their precious legacy.

The President of the Olympic City World Alliance Junod also expressed his pride in receiving the award and said that the goal of the Alliance is to support Olympic cities in the sustainable management of their heritage, thereby making the Olympics have a long-term positive impact. The goal of the Alliance is also to promote Olympic values ​​and use sports as a tool for the development of host cities.

President Junod also thanked for the recognition of the International Committee of Olymipc and President Thomas Bach for the contributions of the Union, to be proud to be part of the Olympic Olympic agenda of the Olympic Committee. Internationally, contributing to the development of the Olympic movement.

President Bach emphasized the close association of the World Alliance with the Olympic Agenda 2020 – the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement – aimed at making the Olympics organized economically. More, easier and more sustainable.

These reforms have brought a whole new approach to the campaign through the city’s nominee heritage. Which emphasizes the importance of combining heritage planning and preparation for the Olympics in the overall plan.

Trump threatened to add “armed troops” to the Mexican border

After clashes between US and Mexican soldiers in the border areas of the two countries, President Trump warned that he would send more troops to the area and warn the case should not recur.

Writing on Twitter on the morning of April 24, US President Donald Trump accused “Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns into US National Guard”, and despite no evidence of the case, he announced his actions. This “is like a diversionary tactic for border drug traffickers”.

Writing on Twitter on the morning of April 24, US President Donald Trump accused “Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns into US National Guard”, and despite no evidence of the case, he announced his actions. This “is like a diversionary tactic for border drug traffickers”.

“It is better not to happen again! We are currently sending armed soldiers to the border. Mexico has not made enough efforts to arrest and repatriate” (border crossing people), Mr. Trump wrote. insist on “armed soldiers”, according to the AP.

In 2018, the US president dispatched troops to the border with Mexico to support the country’s staff to deal with a group of Central American migrants who want to cross the border to the United States.

In early April, Mexican soldiers clashed with two US soldiers on the edge of Texas because they thought American soldiers had crossed the border into Mexico. Mexican soldiers were said to have disarmed an American soldier. The North American Command said “after a quick discussion with the soldiers of the two countries, the Mexican military forces left the region.”

At a press conference on April 24, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pledged to investigate the case. “We will not fight against the US government. The most important thing is that we want to have mutual cooperation and respect for development,” he said.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the incident as a habitual mistake in an unclear border area between the two countries.

When asked about the possibility that President Trump will deploy more troops to the Mexican border, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Mr Trump “might” do so, but the Twitter article is primarily a Mexican warning. .

“I think the president just wants to make it clear, as he always does, that he has many different measures to stop this crisis,” Conway said on Fox News.

Daniel Ricciardo: “The running of distribution of mortality in Mexico!”

Daniel Ricciardo said that the qualifying race in Mexico GP was so terrible, after securing the fourth starting position after teammate Max Verstappen. Red Bull looked like it would compete for the first starting line until the final round of the classification but Ricciardo only improved by less than a tenth of a second in the final run and both Red Bulls were Mercedes surpassed.

“To be honest, I think the final run in Q3 is quite terrible,” he said. He ran out of T6 and he thought he was 0.4 seconds slower than the previous round, so he was going to give up. This is because everything is not going anywhere, just getting out of the car is starting to slip and he can’t understand why, but then we get back a lot of time in the final run. strange class.

“A second part affects everything, so it may be just a paragraph like that but at the same time it is the same. I do not imagine everyone is satisfied with the balance. 0.4 seconds slower than the pole winner, I think this is one of the worst laps in my ranking career and it’s quite interesting. I didn’t feel like I was running a worse round, it was just like a horrible run with a balance and from T1 it was messy, affecting the loop. The second row is not so bad.

When asked why he and many other drivers struggled with tires during the classification, Ricciardo said the problem came from the surface of the track.

“We still have no meetings yet. I talked to my engineers and it seems I am not the only one who takes time in the second run segment. The simple explanation I can tell you is that the low adhesion bitumen is really difficult to understand … or difficult to run with the tires above. Sometimes you can run one round and it feels quite easy.

“Somewhat similar to Seb yesterday … I’m sure he has to scratch his hair more than anyone today. But then if you can’t control this low-grip road tire, you can never drive, but the reason is, I’m not sure. It is like a new bitumen change. Looking at the time, I’m not sure if anyone is on the right track this day. “

Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists

Over the years, Mexico has been engulfed in a bloody drug war, causing tens of thousands of people to die each year. However, not many people know that journalists, who bravely entered the underground underworld in Mexico to report, are also the hardest-hit part of life.

Veteran reporters Javier Valdez and Ismael Bohórquez were founders of Romeo in 2003. The magazine’s name means that the flow of information will flow forever, like the river’s water flowing into the sea. The spirit of the magazine is set by Valdez.

He is a man with a strong pen, writing diverse and slightly crazy, always mixing street experiences and clever metaphors into his writing. Valdez’s favorite theme is always unknown faces in the drug war: Bronze band members always wear crocodile shoes when performing for gangs; girls with nails encrusted with diamonds; children who play on dreamy roads have become assassins; mothers cried on the body of their son who was killed.

After El Chapo was arrested, most newspapers, the news agency in Sinaloa only gave basic, narrative information about the evolution of the war here: How many people died after each shooting, how many The bullet was fired, who was caught.

But Romeo did not follow that path. The magazine wanted to explain the current power struggle that originated from the two groups that had split from the old one: One of Guzman’s two sons, also known as Chapito; on the other side was Damaso Lopez, a former superintendent who helped Guzmán escape from prison for the first time in 2001 and later became the boss’s right-hand man.

When the dispute was escalating fiercely in February 2017, a man called the Romeo office and asked to speak to Valdez to provide important information from the inside. Accepting information from such sensitive sources is a dangerous act in Sinaloa, where there are dozens of other tycoons next to El Chapo. But Valdez, who rarely trembles every time he receives unexpected news, still agrees to go to the source.

What is waiting for you in Mexico

Mexico has been dubbed the place of hot fiery samba dances. When you arrive here, visitors will be immersed in the wonderful destinations. This is famous for beautiful natural pictures surrounded by majestic mountains and forests, beautiful beaches and impressive architectural works of mankind.

Mexico has been dubbed the place of hot fiery samba dances. When you arrive here, visitors will be immersed in the wonderful destinations, with beautiful natural pictures surrounded by majestic mountains and forests, beautiful beaches and impressive architectural works of mankind.

The first destination in Mexico is that right in the city center, once once the capital of the Aztecs, Mexico was later the capital since the new Spanish colonial regime. This is the political and cultural center of the beautiful country of Mexico. There are many architectural works bearing the impression of Europe, attracting many tourists to visit because of the ancient, poetic but equally humble Exile.

Metropolitan Cathedral is the oldest and oldest church in Mexico, built in 1525 on a part of the old Aztec temple. Raw materials for building churches entirely of basalt and sandstone, creating a solid and solemn church. Despite the ancient architecture, the church has many tourist attractions such as furniture with carved streets, sculptures quite sophisticated and meticulous.

Palacio National Palace is located on the east side of the city square, this monument is home to the dignified, ancient beauty beside the modern architectural buildings.

The National Palace of Mexico is a tourist destination in Mexico, and is also the official residence of the president of the country with a total length of over 200m, built entirely of red rock tezontle. At the same time, when you visit, you will learn about the history of the development of Mexico through important and interesting documents kept.

One of the most attractive Mexican tourist destinations is the city of Cancun, the capital of the cities of Benito Juarez and famous for its resorts, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in America. This city attracts visitors by its fresh, cool atmosphere and a golden sand beach, impressive blue waves that can conquer anyone who first arrived to here.

Mexican coach criticized Neymar: ‘This is not a comedy place’

Although the player on the Mexican side deliberately made a mistake, Neymar still became the focus of criticism when there was a food and made the game stop for a few minutes. Commenting on this situation, coach Osorio said that Neymar’s actions made Mexico miss the rhythm when trying to find the equalizer.

“We have good control of the game, but I think it is shameful that the game takes too much time because of one player,” the Mexican captain stressed. “This player has made the match stop for 4 minutes. It is a lesson for all children. And this is the match of the men, not the place to play comedy.”

“Everything is completely in favor of Brazil. There are too many referees from the referee,” Osorio said. “Mexico even had a good game but we did not play effectively in the restricted area of ​​the counter. Mexico started well. But we did not know how to take advantage of the opportunities created and faced. With a team like Brazil, you are not allowed to miss the opportunity right in front of goal, “Osorio concluded.

In Germany’s bitter defeat, Mesut Ozil was the most criticized, although statistics showed that he did not deserve it. His first post after losing to South Korea clearly showed fatigue and frustration that the midfielder had to bear – and that made his fans in particular – or Arsenal fans in general fear.

There were a lot of big players beaten after only one defeat and with this shock, many people believed that he would not be able to recover in time to prepare for the new season with the Gunners. However, now Ozil has entered his holiday. Although he did not reveal a specific location, he still let everyone know that he was in Greece. Of course, accompanying him was the beautiful girlfriend Amine.

“Thank you for always being with me. You are the one who can make me smile all the time when your world is turned upside down.” Ozil is a caption for his photo in such a romantic way.

Lesson about development from Mexico

A more realistic development model is Mexico, a country that has turned its significant advantages into several modern areas but failed miserably in eradicating poverty across the country. Many people are disappointed with the mistake of some specific policies. However, this also shows the difficulties that emerging countries face.

Mexico has a lot of advantages. The economy is more closely related to the United States than to China: the country’s one-week export turnover to the world’s largest consumer market is greater than the export turnover to China in a year.

Once dependent on oil, Mexico now has a larger and more sophisticated industrial base than any Latin American country, exporting cars behind Germany, Japan and South Korea. In the past two decades, the Mexican macroeconomic management has been perfect.

Recently, the country has opened the oil and gas industry for private investment and sought to solve a private monopoly. Mexico also has an increasingly wealthy middle class and an industrial corridor that runs from the border with the US to Mexico City. The political system is also basically stable.

The third lesson from Mexico is the need to bring the informal economy to light. Small and unregistered companies are groups that provide work for most of the workforce, but are estranged by banks and looking for ways to evade taxes. This drains the raw plastics of the economy.

In the past decade and a half, while the productivity of the largest companies in Mexico increased by 5.8 percent a year, the productivity of the smallest companies fell by 6.5 percent a year. This is very common in small grocery stores in Mexico, where tacos are made and sold at all bus stops, as well as in restaurants in India, where only 2 percent of sales are Retail food and groceries are in the formal sector.

Electronic invoices, which create electronic traces for the tax department, and mobile banking services, which bring the poor out of the cash economy, are promising measures.

Life in Mexico City: who gets angry, that person fails

In the impression of journalist Megan Frye, Mexico City is where people never get angry. During this time in this Central American city, she met only one person who lost her temper in public. But this guy is not local people.

When witnessing a man screaming in a cafe with the cashier: “She stole my money” because she thought the bounce was short of money, Megan was very surprised. Everyone in the shop looked at the impatient guy with an attitude of hesitation, and the cashier avoided going inside to reduce the guests’ rage. After this person left, she resumed her work and smiled, serving other guests as if nothing had happened, according to the BBC news.

From a young age, Mexican children were taught that “Who is angry, that person loses.” Eleazar Silvestre, an immigrant from the northern desert of Sonora, said: “We were taught to be calm in all situations.” This is especially reflected in the central region of the country, including the Mexican capital, one of the most modern and integrated cities in Latin America.

When you ask for directions in Mexico City, you may find yourself walking around following someone’s instructions. Simply because this person does not want to confess to you that they do not know the way and will be rude. Likewise, when you take a taxi, if you are kind to the elegant, polite greetings, you will have a comfortable ride and be enthusiastically helped by the driver.

Some natives also argue that not looking at the eyes of the opposite person while talking is a sign of respect, looking at each other’s eyes is often seen as a declaration of war.

The  elegant language was passed down by the natives themselves, then blended with the polite tradition of the Spanish in the 16th century. This is most evident in central and southern Mexico. , which is dominated by nearly 300 years by Spaniards and 100 years by dictatorships.