Daniel Ricciardo: “The running of distribution of mortality in Mexico!”

Daniel Ricciardo said that the qualifying race in Mexico GP was so terrible, after securing the fourth starting position after teammate Max Verstappen. Red Bull looked like it would compete for the first starting line until the final round of the classification but Ricciardo only improved by less than a tenth of a second in the final run and both Red Bulls were Mercedes surpassed.

“To be honest, I think the final run in Q3 is quite terrible,” he said. He ran out of T6 and he thought he was 0.4 seconds slower than the previous round, so he was going to give up. This is because everything is not going anywhere, just getting out of the car is starting to slip and he can’t understand why, but then we get back a lot of time in the final run. strange class.

“A second part affects everything, so it may be just a paragraph like that but at the same time it is the same. I do not imagine everyone is satisfied with the balance. 0.4 seconds slower than the pole winner, I think this is one of the worst laps in my ranking career and it’s quite interesting. I didn’t feel like I was running a worse round, it was just like a horrible run with a balance and from T1 it was messy, affecting the loop. The second row is not so bad.

When asked why he and many other drivers struggled with tires during the classification, Ricciardo said the problem came from the surface of the track.

“We still have no meetings yet. I talked to my engineers and it seems I am not the only one who takes time in the second run segment. The simple explanation I can tell you is that the low adhesion bitumen is really difficult to understand … or difficult to run with the tires above. Sometimes you can run one round and it feels quite easy.

“Somewhat similar to Seb yesterday … I’m sure he has to scratch his hair more than anyone today. But then if you can’t control this low-grip road tire, you can never drive, but the reason is, I’m not sure. It is like a new bitumen change. Looking at the time, I’m not sure if anyone is on the right track this day. “