How To Enjoy Mexico On a Budget

Mexico has an excellent reputation of being one of the cheapest destinations in the world, but how affordable is Mexico these days? It’s for this reason that we decided to break down the amount of money you’ll need, and more importantly, how you can save loads of money while visiting the country.

Setting Up A Budget

Calculating how much money you’ll need for Mexico on a budget will greatly depend on where you would like to go. A location that is non-urban will be far cheaper for several reasons. For example, buying locally made sovereigns will be much cheaper as opposed to buying it in the city.

Most resort destinations can be rather expensive, although lesser known beach locations, such as Tulum, can be much cheaper for your budget instead of Acapulco which is far more famous. If you consider yourself to be a budget traveller, you will be pleased to know that a vacation to Mexico can be rather cheap. If you mostly stay in hotels, travel with public transport, and eat street food throughout the day, along with a tour once a week, your daily expenses will be around $25.

If you consider yourself to be a luxury traveller, there’s no limit to the amount of money you can spend in Mexico. Upmarket restaurants, multiple guided tours, and domestic flights can range between $200 and $600 a day.

Eating Cheap

If you are someone that enjoys McDonald’s and Coke while staying in the U.S, you can expect to pay the same while visiting Mexico. However, if you decide to eat street food and local produce, you’ll be quite surprised with how much money you can actually save. There are several grocery stores in Mexico, both in large cities and in smaller villages. Fruit that are locally grown are rather cheap in Mexico and street food is just as cheap.

Save With Public Transport

Transportation in-country is quite cheap, that’s if you decide to use local buses. You simply need to stand on the side of the street and raise your hand to get a bus, and it’s quite cheap and save. Should you be in a rural area, its best to ask those around you for the best way to travel on the road as buses can take hours or even days to arrive in a rural location.

Budget Accommodation

The best way to save loads of money while travelling to Mexico is through accommodation. You are more than welcome to set up camp on numerous beaches, absolutely free. However, please ensure you ask the locals before unpacking your tent. There’s also a wide range of cheap hotels in most cities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to stay there for a night, and most of them will even include breakfast.


When it comes to alcohol, you are still going to pay a pretty penny to enjoy your favourite drinks. So please make sure you get the prize before starting a tab that you’ll later regret.