Mexican coach criticized Neymar: ‘This is not a comedy place’

Although the player on the Mexican side deliberately made a mistake, Neymar still became the focus of criticism when there was a food and made the game stop for a few minutes. Commenting on this situation, coach Osorio said that Neymar’s actions made Mexico miss the rhythm when trying to find the equalizer.

“We have good control of the game, but I think it is shameful that the game takes too much time because of one player,” the Mexican captain stressed. “This player has made the match stop for 4 minutes. It is a lesson for all children. And this is the match of the men, not the place to play comedy.”

“Everything is completely in favor of Brazil. There are too many referees from the referee,” Osorio said. “Mexico even had a good game but we did not play effectively in the restricted area of ​​the counter. Mexico started well. But we did not know how to take advantage of the opportunities created and faced. With a team like Brazil, you are not allowed to miss the opportunity right in front of goal, “Osorio concluded.

In Germany’s bitter defeat, Mesut Ozil was the most criticized, although statistics showed that he did not deserve it. His first post after losing to South Korea clearly showed fatigue and frustration that the midfielder had to bear – and that made his fans in particular – or Arsenal fans in general fear.

There were a lot of big players beaten after only one defeat and with this shock, many people believed that he would not be able to recover in time to prepare for the new season with the Gunners. However, now Ozil has entered his holiday. Although he did not reveal a specific location, he still let everyone know that he was in Greece. Of course, accompanying him was the beautiful girlfriend Amine.

“Thank you for always being with me. You are the one who can make me smile all the time when your world is turned upside down.” Ozil is a caption for his photo in such a romantic way.