Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists

Over the years, Mexico has been engulfed in a bloody drug war, causing tens of thousands of people to die each year. However, not many people know that journalists, who bravely entered the underground underworld in Mexico to report, are also the hardest-hit part of life.

Veteran reporters Javier Valdez and Ismael Bohórquez were founders of Romeo in 2003. The magazine’s name means that the flow of information will flow forever, like the river’s water flowing into the sea. The spirit of the magazine is set by Valdez.

He is a man with a strong pen, writing diverse and slightly crazy, always mixing street experiences and clever metaphors into his writing. Valdez’s favorite theme is always unknown faces in the drug war: Bronze band members always wear crocodile shoes when performing for gangs; girls with nails encrusted with diamonds; children who play on dreamy roads have become assassins; mothers cried on the body of their son who was killed.

After El Chapo was arrested, most newspapers, the news agency in Sinaloa only gave basic, narrative information about the evolution of the war here: How many people died after each shooting, how many The bullet was fired, who was caught.

But Romeo did not follow that path. The magazine wanted to explain the current power struggle that originated from the two groups that had split from the old one: One of Guzman’s two sons, also known as Chapito; on the other side was Damaso Lopez, a former superintendent who helped Guzmán escape from prison for the first time in 2001 and later became the boss’s right-hand man.

When the dispute was escalating fiercely in February 2017, a man called the Romeo office and asked to speak to Valdez to provide important information from the inside. Accepting information from such sensitive sources is a dangerous act in Sinaloa, where there are dozens of other tycoons next to El Chapo. But Valdez, who rarely trembles every time he receives unexpected news, still agrees to go to the source.