Positive signal in US-Mexico trade negotiations

On June 6, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that progress had been made in the second day of negotiations with the US. The meeting aims to resolve disagreements over the issue of migrants, which has pushed relations between the two neighbors to escalate tensions.

Speaking to reporters after a two-hour conversation at the State Department, Mr. Ebrard expressed his confidence that progress had been made in the meeting that took place on the same day.

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Mr. Ebrard added that the two sides will continue to meet at the end of the day, and are likely to come to a more consistent consistent view of Mexico’s proposals.

Mr Ebrard declined to comment on the US proposal of a “safe third country” that Washington considers one of the key requirements in the agreement. Earlier, the Mexican rejected the proposal, which requires migrants from Central American countries to seek asylum in Mexico instead of the United States.

Secretary of State Ebrard added that Mexico had proposed 6,000 troops of the national guards to ensure border security to Guatemala. They stopped the flow of people.

Meanwhile, Mexican Foreign Ministry spokesman Robert Velasco Alvarez said there was still disagreement in the talks between the two countries.

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While the United States focused on measures to control the flow of migrants. Mexico made proposals to promote development in the region including Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

On the same day, the Mexican government announced that it had frozen the bank accounts of 26 people suspected of being traffickers involved in organizing migration to the United States.

The Mexican also detained two people of the People ‘s Organization without borders on charges of organizing illegal migration to the United States and collecting their money. In addition, Mexican officials have prevented 420 people from a group of 1,200 immigrants intending to cross the US border. Many of these have escaped.