Positive signal in US-Mexico trade negotiations

On June 6, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that progress had been made in the second day of negotiations with the US. The meeting aims to resolve disagreements over the issue of migrants, which has pushed relations between the two neighbors to escalate tensions.

Speaking to reporters after a two-hour conversation at the State Department, Mr. Ebrard expressed his confidence that progress had been made in the meeting that took place on the same day.

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Mr. Ebrard added that the two sides will continue to meet at the end of the day, and are likely to come to a more consistent consistent view of Mexico’s proposals.

Mr Ebrard declined to comment on the US proposal of a “safe third country” that Washington considers one of the key requirements in the agreement. Earlier, the Mexican rejected the proposal, which requires migrants from Central American countries to seek asylum in Mexico instead of the United States.

Secretary of State Ebrard added that Mexico had proposed 6,000 troops of the national guards to ensure border security to Guatemala. They stopped the flow of people.

Meanwhile, Mexican Foreign Ministry spokesman Robert Velasco Alvarez said there was still disagreement in the talks between the two countries.

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While the United States focused on measures to control the flow of migrants. Mexico made proposals to promote development in the region including Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

On the same day, the Mexican government announced that it had frozen the bank accounts of 26 people suspected of being traffickers involved in organizing migration to the United States.

The Mexican also detained two people of the People ‘s Organization without borders on charges of organizing illegal migration to the United States and collecting their money. In addition, Mexican officials have prevented 420 people from a group of 1,200 immigrants intending to cross the US border. Many of these have escaped.

US-Mexico foreign trade relations have been agreed

NPR Radio (USA) re-introduces President Trump’s announcement to the 7-6 hours US Twitter account, saying that the US and Mexico have reached a signed agreement to help avoid the application of new taxes with Mexican goods that are expected to start executing from June 10.

According to Mr. Trump, in part of this agreement, Mexican officials agreed to apply strong measures to prevent the wave of migrants, Mr. Trump wrote. US President Donald Trump postponed the imposition of additional tariffs on Mexican goods after saying the two countries had reached an agreement on this issue.

According to the content of a joint agreement issued by the US State Department on June 7 on the agency’s website, Mexico will support the US in preventing border crossing at the border of the two countries by mobilizing more Military personnel of the National Guards are on duty in the whole territory, especially in border areas.

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The agreement also said Mexican authorities would cooperate in dismantling illegal cross-border activities into US territory. For their part, the US pledged to quickly repatriate asylum seekers in the US for Mexico while they waited for the US government’s response to their requests. Mexico agreed to accept these people and provide jobs, health and education.

Earlier on May 30, President Trump announced that he would impose a 5% additional tax on all goods imported from Mexico from June 10 if Mexico did not take any action to prevent the influx of immigrants from Central America. America.

After that, Mr. Trump announced that the tax increase would increase by 5% each month until it reached 25% in October this year, since Washington felt satisfied with its neighbors’ efforts to prevent migrants.

Trump threatened to add “armed troops” to the Mexican border

After clashes between US and Mexican soldiers in the border areas of the two countries, President Trump warned that he would send more troops to the area and warn the case should not recur.

Writing on Twitter on the morning of April 24, US President Donald Trump accused “Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns into US National Guard”, and despite no evidence of the case, he announced his actions. This “is like a diversionary tactic for border drug traffickers”.

Writing on Twitter on the morning of April 24, US President Donald Trump accused “Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns into US National Guard”, and despite no evidence of the case, he announced his actions. This “is like a diversionary tactic for border drug traffickers”.

“It is better not to happen again! We are currently sending armed soldiers to the border. Mexico has not made enough efforts to arrest and repatriate” (border crossing people), Mr. Trump wrote. insist on “armed soldiers”, according to the AP.

In 2018, the US president dispatched troops to the border with Mexico to support the country’s staff to deal with a group of Central American migrants who want to cross the border to the United States.

In early April, Mexican soldiers clashed with two US soldiers on the edge of Texas because they thought American soldiers had crossed the border into Mexico. Mexican soldiers were said to have disarmed an American soldier. The North American Command said “after a quick discussion with the soldiers of the two countries, the Mexican military forces left the region.”

At a press conference on April 24, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pledged to investigate the case. “We will not fight against the US government. The most important thing is that we want to have mutual cooperation and respect for development,” he said.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the incident as a habitual mistake in an unclear border area between the two countries.

When asked about the possibility that President Trump will deploy more troops to the Mexican border, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Mr Trump “might” do so, but the Twitter article is primarily a Mexican warning. .

“I think the president just wants to make it clear, as he always does, that he has many different measures to stop this crisis,” Conway said on Fox News.

Mexican coach criticized Neymar: ‘This is not a comedy place’

Although the player on the Mexican side deliberately made a mistake, Neymar still became the focus of criticism when there was a food and made the game stop for a few minutes. Commenting on this situation, coach Osorio said that Neymar’s actions made Mexico miss the rhythm when trying to find the equalizer.

“We have good control of the game, but I think it is shameful that the game takes too much time because of one player,” the Mexican captain stressed. “This player has made the match stop for 4 minutes. It is a lesson for all children. And this is the match of the men, not the place to play comedy.”

“Everything is completely in favor of Brazil. There are too many referees from the referee,” Osorio said. “Mexico even had a good game but we did not play effectively in the restricted area of ​​the counter. Mexico started well. But we did not know how to take advantage of the opportunities created and faced. With a team like Brazil, you are not allowed to miss the opportunity right in front of goal, “Osorio concluded.

In Germany’s bitter defeat, Mesut Ozil was the most criticized, although statistics showed that he did not deserve it. His first post after losing to South Korea clearly showed fatigue and frustration that the midfielder had to bear – and that made his fans in particular – or Arsenal fans in general fear.

There were a lot of big players beaten after only one defeat and with this shock, many people believed that he would not be able to recover in time to prepare for the new season with the Gunners. However, now Ozil has entered his holiday. Although he did not reveal a specific location, he still let everyone know that he was in Greece. Of course, accompanying him was the beautiful girlfriend Amine.

“Thank you for always being with me. You are the one who can make me smile all the time when your world is turned upside down.” Ozil is a caption for his photo in such a romantic way.