Teotihuacan Ruins

Ruins at the ancinet city of Teotihuacan

The site of the Teotihuacan is impressive for its scale – the Pyramid of the Sun is the third-largest pyramid in the world, and the mile-long Avenue of the Dead is flanked by temples and palaces.

Although taller, the Pyramid of the Sun is easier to climb than the Pyramid of the Moon because it has shorter steps.

But it is worth making some progress up the latter as it has an exhilarating view down the Avenue of the Dead.

Dead Avenue

There is also a superb museum with many explanations in English that really help the visitor understand why the site was so important – Read more about Teotihuacan Tours

However, much of Teotihuacan’s culture and history remain a mystery. The city was abandoned around 750AD, and no one knows why. Extensive ruins were left but very little is known about its inhabitants.

Wandering around the imposing site, there is plenty of scope to let your imagination run wild.

On TeotihuacanGuide.com, you can get a glimpse on how Teotihuacan looks like by following our “Teotihuacan tours” section and also some information about the history of Teotihuacan.

Ruins at Teotihuacan – Dead Avenue Pyramids