The education of children of Mexican mothers

Thanks to the special way of caring for children, Mexican mothers are always proud of their children. Please refer to this article to better understand how Mexicans teach their children.

The concept of teaching and bending children according to the behaviors, behaviors, dreams … is appropriate to the standards, according to the majority of people are gradually changing. Mexican families in particular and society in general seem to be aiming to raise children in a way that differentiates and respects differences.

A child who hears and follows the rules set by the adults in the family has always been praised as a good child. Many parents have been leisurely, proud of it. They believe that they are lucky or I know how to teach them.

However, under the impact and demands of modern society, getting children into the framework and following the rules will put the risk of producing a lot of children who are gentle, passive, easy to confess like sheep. It makes it difficult for children to become an individual with their own identity, to be proactive, strongly adapt to circumstances or compete for success.

Many parents redirect. They accept their children with stubbornness, differences, even proper methods and create conditions for them to reveal themselves. When children tend to express “confusion” about gender, girls like boys, boys like girls? Parents are learning not to forbid, to manipulate children to behave, to manifest, to dress … according to the gender that parents want.

Here, moms can often organize meetings, meals, conversations … about all topics, but especially about judging / judging how to raise children, they never pay attention. Well-known Mexican mothers tend to respect other people’s ways of raising children and are confident in how to raise their own children. No one understands your child by yourself. When Mexican mothers think they need something good for their children, they do not understand what the problem is in how to raise their children, they will adjust themselves and learn to change accordingly, harmonize, adapt …